The Roches
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The Roches

Folk Singing Sisters

Concert Date: March 1, 1997
Venue: Staller Center, SUNY Stony Brook
I mixed: Monitors - 4 mixes from on-stage

Technical Stuff

Three sisters, three guitars, an Ensoniq keyboard, a Roland (I think) R-8 drum sampler, 360 Systems Midi Bass, a brother with his own guitar. They brought their own Sennheiser vocal mikes, and their own direct boxes to plug the guitars and synth stuff into. Maggie played keyboard, some pre-sequenced songs, and guitar. Suzzie and Terre played guitar, and they all sang. Dave, their brother also played guitar.

I provided the group with 4 monitor mixes into 4 monitor wedges for the musicians on stage.


The Roches have been playing together since they were young. It shows. The know each other very well, and can communicate on stage without talking. Their songs are (at the very least) clever, cute, inventive, and enjoyable. You could classify them as folk artists, but why put boundaries on them. They write songs, and they sing them.

David, their brother opened the show with a few songs. He has a very nice voice, and did some good songs, some with humor, some serious. The audience responded well.

After the intermission, Maggie, Terre, and Suzzie came onto the stage and performed for about an hour. If you have ever listened to their music, you could imagine what seeing them on stage might be like. If you haven't, you would most likely be sitting there laughing, or staring with your mouth open. I mean, who else could do a whole song about a COAT? Well, they did, and it was hysterical! Their songs are always worth listening to, and seeing them on stage is a unique experience.

The Roches have not been performing together for a while, so this was a singular opportunity. Also, they were very unclear about when they might be performing together again. Not that they are "breaking up", just that their schedule is very uncertain.

If you can't get to see them live, at least buy their albums. If you like "CUTE", you won't be sorry.

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