Loudon Wainwright III / Adrian Legg
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Loudon Wainwright III / Adrian Legg

Songster / Guitarist

Concert Date: May 9, 1997
Venue: Inter-Media Art Center (IMAC), Huntington, NY
I mixed: Front of House & Monitors

Technical Stuff

Adrian Legg was the opening act. He showed up for sound check with a solid body custom made guitar that looked more like a flat balalaika. When he plugged it into his set of pedals, it sounded incredible. No microphones (except for an announce mike that he used to talk in between songs), 2 direct outputs (stereo) from his effects pedals. Simple setup, but it was great. Sound check took about 10 minutes.

Loudon showed up with his acoustic guitar and his voice. We put a Beyerdynamic MC-704 condenser mike on his guitar to supplement the direct sound from his pickup. He used our regular Shure SM-58 for his vocals. Sound check for Loudon took even less time than Adrian, about 5 minutes.


Adrian Legg opened the show with a BANG. I sat, as did the rest of the audience, totally still, totally quiet listening to this acoustic marvel happening on stage. It was very difficult to believe that all that sound came out of one guitar and one guy on stage. He played a wide assortment of different styles, including some "Cajun" music, and some traditional English stuff. Original compositions, all were outstanding! Sometimes during an opening act, the audience gets restless waiting for the headliner to come on. They tend to get up, get refreshments, visit the rest rooms, or talk among themselves. NOBODY moved during Adrian Legg's time on stage (except for wild applause after each number). Unfortunately, his set only lasted about 35 minutes, and he had to run off immediately. I urge you to check out his recordings.

After the intermission, Loudon Wainwright III took the stage. He took it by storm. People were laughing to the point of almost peeing in their pants. His songs are inventive, hysterical, and based on a good dose of truth. He even did a couple of numbers that made you think, or even get depressed, but they were all excellent. He sang about failed relationships, getting older, kids and parenthood. He's a master of biting lyrics, and engaging tunes. Loudon talked in between numbers about being a resident of London, getting older, being an American, and had enough time to tell a slightly inebriated attendee to "can it" in a nice, but clear way.

When he left the stage after about an hour and 10 minutes, the audience brought him back on for 2 more numbers. Everybody left the theater feeling good that night!

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