John Mayall
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John Mayall

King of the British Blues

Concert Date: May 2, 1997
Venue: Inter-Media Art Center (IMAC), Huntington, NY
I mixed: Front of House & Monitors

Technical Stuff

John Mayall arrived with 3 excellent musicians, a bass player, drummer, and guitarist. John played keyboards, harp, and sang.

Since John was the last to arrive, we did a sound check with each musician one at a time. The bass player used a head with a tube preamp, and a pair of Hartke 4x10 cabinets. The drummer used our Pearl drum kit, but brought his own wooden snare and cymbals. The guitarist brought a tube amplifier head, and plugged the output into just the speakers on a Fender Twin Reverb. It was LOUD, but he was very accommodating when asked to bring down the stage volume. When John showed up, the others were done already, so we never really got to do a full-band sound check. He insisted on setting up his own keyboard rig (one rack mounted module and a Kurzweil PC-88) himself. John ran his keyboards into our Roland JC-120 guitar amp, as well as 2 direct boxes (one for the module, one for the Kurzweil).


I've been a Mayall fan for years, and this was one of those shows that I was very much looking forward to. Looking forward to a show is always a danger, since the artist could turn out to be a bastard, the show could be very difficult, or the show could be disappointing.

I was not disappointed in ANY way. John was a great guy, an incredible musician, and put on an outstanding show. Since it was a double show night, there was no intermission. He played for over an hour and a half at each show, and it was inspiring!

Most of the songs he played were relatively new. Some from his brand new release, some from the one before that. Only one "classic" that he played at each show was "Room to Move". The audience went WILD! His singing and playing were wonderful, the band was excellent, and the audience left wanting more.

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