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Jericho Senior High School

Jericho, New York

Class of 1969 Alumni

Fond Memories

These items were scrawled into the memories book at the 35th reunion.  Here is what your classmates had to say...


I just remember Bob Hoffman talking about the Eisenhower doll.  You wound it up and it just stood there.  He also talked about “newkiller” power and “Venzooala” (the country in South America.)


It is refreshing to hear how Mr. Hoffman is still so active.



I especially liked Mrs. Reff.  I had her for Advanced Biology.  She knew I was an “A” student, so she let me do what I needed to do…and since her class was right after lunch, what I really needed was a NAP!  She was kind enough to let me sleep in the back of the room.  Other days when we just did review, she’d give me a pass to go to the gym --- my favorite place in school.  To this day and all through my work life, I still take a nap after lunch!



Just Mr. Hoffman being put in the “pen.”


It’s funny, but I still have vivid recall of most all my teachers, my favorites as well as non-favorites.  I have a less clear recollection of fellow students in my class, probably because I tended to be a loner (long story, not important now.)  I do remember clearly the school itself, the hallways, lockers, classrooms, auditorium, pool, track, tennis courts, library, guy, and locker room.  It’s like I have one of those virtual reality video games in my head and I can take a little tour through the building and see little snips of events that occurred.  Well, so much for memory lane.



Mr. Heller (Homeroom teacher, Math teacher) wore 2 different shoes to school one day.  The class pointed this out to him.



Marvin Chertok being chased by Mr. Kramer (Science) with a charged Van De Graf accelerator around the 9th grade science room.



I remember our teacher of English senior year telling us about his “trips” and making us study the “poetry” of Joni Mitchell and Rod McKuen.  And they say education in lacking!


I remember Mr. Farrell being so passionate about poetry that he jumped and yelled to try and instill some of that passion on us!  Mr. Savaglio (Art teacher) seeing how passionate I was about painting that he let me push my easel through the window and I jumped out after it (from 1st floor!!) to paint and be inspired by the picture outside the high school!!  What fun!!  I recently (by pure coincidence) met Mr. Harry Greenspan’s daughter (at a Bat Mitzvah reception!!)  He is still alive and kickin’.



Art teacher, McKay gave me detention when I refused to respond to Elizabeth (Taylor) when he called on me.



Mr. Heller (Math) stood by the wooden fence during a fire drill and said we can continue studying “logs.”  Mr. Kramer (Science) always hung his lab coat on the life-size skeleton in the room.  Mr. Cesarini (Science) always making sure that we were one chapter ahead of East Islip High School (where he lived at the time.)  Mrs. Schwartz (Phys. Ed.) brought us late to Dr. Pedoto’s French class and got down on her hands and knees to beg for forgiveness.  Dr. Sackrin (French) referred to us by last name (ex. Mademoiselle Lewis) with the exception of Denise Fuchs who was Mademoiselle Denise.  Nancy Jonap cutting Mr. Tobin’s last period Senior year English class and knocking on the window from outside and waving.  Jay Chertok shooting the principal with a water gun while receiving his diploma at graduation.



High School was a wonderful time for me.  I loved my classes, my teachers, and my friends.  I have only the fondest memories.



I have a vague memory of Emil Voigt standing on his desk last period on a Friday in Junior High School and throwing a basketball at people screaming “You knuckleheads, have to learn to pay attention!”



I still remember Spanish teacher, Mr. Batjiaka and my Math teacher, Mr. Boroson.  Both of them I remember as inspiring me.



I remember one time, Mr. Voigt, on the football field during practice asked me to tackle him so he could show me how it’s done, and sure enough he got hurt.  He had no protection, no pads … and I warned him, but…



I lived down the hill from the Jericho Water Tower where kids used to climb and write – “10% of 69” from our senior year.



10th grade biology with Mrs. Reff, we’re studying hydras.  There’s a sweet 11th grader repeating the course.  The entire class is bored, dozing, otherwise engaged.  Mrs. Reff calls on the sweet young thing – “How does a hydra eat?”  Without missing a beat she says, “It sticks out its testicles and pulls in the food.”  Mrs. Reff calmly says “tentacles” and continues on as if nothing happened.  I’m dying inside – one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard!  And, there’s no discernible reaction from the rest of the class.